A note to the builders.

Hello world! We're Rubric. A nomadic team of engineers and artists working on the next generation of technology.

We have been tinkering, hacking, breaking and building for over a decade and could not be more excited and optimistic about the future.

Artificial Intelligence is a full fledged platform shift, akin to the invention of the internet. We believe that it is important to approach this shift with a child-like sense of wonder. To be bold, curious and open.

Over our careers, we have built a framework for problem solving that prioritizes simple, fast and scalable solutions to complex problems and approach all of our projects with empathy for the people that use them.

We want to sit down with you, skip the BS, break the rules and figure out how we can add value. We commit to being honest, open and fun. If you have an idea, project or problem, drop us a line. Let's melt some servers.


Dexter, Sarim, and Ted.

Rubric Labs

Let's make something amazing, together.

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