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Life and Times at Rubric Labs

ByDexterJul 23, 2023

Hello out there! You are now entering the lively world of Rubric Labs, a place where programming knowledge compliments the subtle charm of shared conversations over cups of coffee. Join us in this journey, shall we? Here, we have a nifty little creation called Blog It, our handy slack bot, that makes blogging as easy as sipping on a latte.

Ever pondered the functioning of Blog It? Well, we won’t bore you with the technical mumbo-jumbo, but in simple terms, it simplifies and automates the cumbersome task of blogging for us. And boy, are we proud of it. Always on the path of improvement, Blog It is our personal testament to this unwavering truth.

What are we like at Rubric Labs, you ask? To put it mildly, we're a lively mix of tech enthusiasts exploring the dynamic oceans of challenges and thrilling victories. Be it finalizing the ideal banner image or trying to grasp the latest API, every day ushers in a new quest. That, my dear readers, is a glimpse into the world of Rubric Labs. Our goal? To make blogging feel less like a routine task and more like a joy ride. Until next time!

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